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Besides Company Formation, Accounting and Tax, we got a whole portfolio of services which you can find here:

  • Company Formation

  • Accounting & Tax

  • Consultation

  • Banking

  • Company Liquidation

  • Human Resources

  • Translation & Interpreter 

  • Contracts

  • Licenses

  • EU Funds

  • Real Estate

  • Residence

  • Citizenship

  • Notarization

  • Apostille & Legalization

Company Formation

If you intend to form a company in Romania, we can help you with the company formation and make this experience stress free.

Accounting & Tax

Once the company is formed, it immediately creates obligations to keep records, file accounts and pay taxes and social security contributions. This can be a tedious occupation which we can take off your shoulders.


We can give you qualified and substantial legal, tax and financial advice, as well as business advice for strategic and operativ decisions.


We offer banking solutions for corporations and individuals within our elaborate banking network within Romania and outside.

Company Liquidation

Just like Company Formation a Company Liquidation is a defined and bureaucratic process we can assist you with.

Human Resources

We can help you keeping your payroll in order and even assisting in finding staff for your enterprise.

Translation & Interpreter 

Often times contracts and other documents require translation or even the presence of a certified interpreter, we can arrange these things for you as well.


Working contracts, tenancy agreements, business contracts, purchase contracts, loan agreements and many, many more contracts are drafted and signed every day. We help you with drafting contracts of all kind.


Certain businesses are regulated by the government and therefor require a business license. Running a business without the right license can lead to costly encounters with legal consequences. We help you obtaining and maintaining business licenses in Romania.

EU Funds

We can help you with the filing of an application for funding from the Romanian State Budget and the European Union Budget.

Real Estate

We can be of help in finding Real Estate in Romania with focus on the big cities such as Bucharest. Our huge network of real estate agents will help to make this a positive experience as well.


If you intend to move to Romania, we can help you with the formalities. Regardless if you are an EU citizen or come from a third-country outside of the EU. We can also assist obtaining a EU Blue Card.


If you intend to have an alternative Citizenship in Romania, we can present you the options you got and guide you through the way to become a Romanian citizen.


For certain actions you not only just need the right paperwork but also a stamp or two by an authorized institution such as a notary public. We help you obtain these pricy stamps.

Apostille & Legalization

If you need international recognition of certain documents and respective signature or other contents, you might need an Apostille of The Hague or a Legalization from an Embassy. In most cases we can obtain these without your presence.

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